2014 Accepted Works

"Mogadishoe/ Mogadishu" - joy lavrencik
1653 rolls - Lily Liu
368 - Lily Liu
African Coffee Coat - Georgia Zwartjes
Amazing Vase - Elizabeth Runyon
Beneath - Miyuki Akai Cook
Burning Bush-Nuno Felt - Maria Lee
Canberra the planned city - Beth Miller
Circular Society - Linda Ohrn-McDaniel
ColorForm 18 - Gail Baar
Deep Sea - Mary-Ellen Latino
Double Hung - David Brackett
Egungun Peace - Adriene Cruz
Florida Orchids - Charlotte Noll
Foto-Synthesis - Katharina Litchman
Full Tilt - pat kroth
Generation - Shea Wilkinson
Globe Thistle - Aileyn Renli Ecob
Harper - Marie Bergstedt
Hazel at 85 - Sandra Betts
Her Own Tears - Linda Rae Coughlin
Inside of a Dog - Pam Geisel
Iris - Nuno Felt - Maria Lee
Jet Trails #11 - Marcia DeCamp
Just Around the Corner - Kathy York
Leo - Sara Renzulli
Lessons of the Fall - David Lucht
MANUS - Leandra Spangler
Nascita di un fiore - The birth of a flower" - Sonia Bardella
Nashville Singers - C.J. Pressma
No Place Like Om - Meryl Ann Butler
Once - Susan Hotchkis
Orelia - Janet Bodin
Pathways - Sharon Vitt
Peace, Love, Tie-Dye, Save the Whales - Susan Carlson
Portals II - Rosemary Claus-Gray
Red Going - Chris Motley
Red October - Jean Sredl
Riding the Tiger - Carol Zeman
September Song - Laura Gaskin
Sim Shalom - Janet Bodin
Skyscraper - Doerte Weber
Taking Flight - Jill Vendituoli
The Big Loser - Pamela Allen
The Calendar in Color - Laura Kaiser
The Coat Flower Necklace - Rosemary Kandt
The Promise Of Tomorrow - Cathryn Zeleny
The Virgin of Gone and Forgotten - Susan Lenz
Thick Skin - Sue Wilson
Three Vessels - Viviana Lombrozo
Translation of a Stitch - Linda Ohrn-McDaniel
Tropic Nights - Diane Franklin
Twilight, Bigger Birds - Laura Gaskin
Unexpected - Madalene Murphy
Uprooted - Alexandra Keely
Vibrant Outburst - Marilyn Akerson-Corbitt
Vonal Iteration - Kim Hahn
Voodoo Lily - Betty Busby
Women of Color - Patricia Kennedy-Zafred


Submission Deadline: February 1, 2014

The Yeiser Art Center is now accepting entries for the 2014 Fantastic Fibers competitive exhibition. This is the second year the Fantastic Fibers exhibition will be an officially sanctioned AQS event . All forms of fiber art are encouraged to enter.

Juror: The 2014 Fantastic Fibers juror will be Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry who is internationally recognized for her award-winning fine-art quilts, which have appeared in hundreds of national and international exhibitions, collections, and publications. Honors include 100 Best Quilts of the 20th Century, Silver Star (lifetime achievement) Award, and selection as one of the thirty most influential quiltmakers in the world. Caryl has lectured and taught in eleven countries around the world and continues to share her knowledge through her publications and her website.

History: In 2013 we received nearly 800 entries from 128 artists from 12 countries. Fantastic Fibers 2014 is hosted by the Yeiser Art Center, Paducah's Gateway to the Arts. Located in downtown Paducah, the Yeiser Art Center is a non-profit visual arts organization celebrating more than fifty years of serving the community through exhibitions and education throughout the Tri-State Region.

Paducah is the home of the National Quilt Museum. The American Quilter's Society Annual Show and Contest will be held in Paducah from April 23 - 26, 2014.

Important Dates:

  • February 1 - Entry deadline
  • February 15 - Accepted artists notified
  • March 29 - Accepted entries due
  • April 5 - Opening reception 5PM-7PM
  • May 27 - 30, 10AM-4PM - Pick up hand-delivered work
  • June 6 - Return shipment of mailed work

April 5th - May 24th 2014

All selected work will be on display at the Yeiser Art Center.

2013 Winners

Click on the photos below to view them in their larger versions.

First Place
Miki Rodriguez
Dentro Del Blogspot
Miki.R/Dentro Del Blogspot
Second Place
Marie Bergstedt
Third Place
Judeen Theis

Due to a server configuration error, several contestants over the past few days have had issues when using our site. We're pleased to say these issues have been resolved and users should no longer have any issues submitting their work!

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